Our Buddhist Funeral Package starts at only $5,388 and is for funerals held at HDB void decks only. Highlights of the packages include, monk chanting, vegetarian food offering plus all the essential items needed to conduct a dignified Buddhist funeral.

Here is a detailed breakdown of this popular and affordably priced package:


  • A polished wood finish casket (without glass) with choice of either light or dark wood colour (for basic package)
  • A similar casket but with half glass casket is available for standard package only

Collection and Preparation of the Body

  • Collection the body from either home or hospital to our office
  • Embalming of the body at our professional embalming theatre
  • Cosmetology services by our experienced morticians inclusive of hair and makeup
  • Dressing and casketing. Family to provide clothes for the deceased. Alternatively, we have clothes available for a fee
  • Transporting the casket (with body) back to the HDB void deck for funeral setup

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Booking of cremation slots
  • Glass hearse to transfer Casket for cremation. A more elaborate hearse setup can be request at an additional fee
  • Pall bearer services

Casket Area Set Up

  • Tentage, curtains and carpeted flooring at the casket area
  • Surround canvas (2 piece)
  • Buddhist Sutra blanket is included
  • Buddhist style backdrop and decor setup (for standard package only)

Chanting Services and Food Offerings

  • A buddhist monk to lead the chanting during en-coffin, last night rituals and on funeral day itself
  • A single set of Vegetarian food and fruits offerings will be provided for each of the above 3 monk led ritual sessions
  • A single set of Buddha food offering

Ceremonial Items Worth $688!

  • One Paper Tablet
  • Incense and Joss Sticks (Both Large and Small) Including Incense Urn
  • Tall Red Candles and Lotus Candles
  • Sandalwood Stick and Sandalwood Coil
  • White Flag, Directional Lamp and Toiletries for the Deceased
  • Pails for Flower Water

Tables and Chairs for the Wake

  • 10 round tables and 15 square ones
  • 100 plastic chairs

Fans and General Lightings

  • 2 large standing fans
  • 4 small fans
  • General lighting for the whole void deck wake area (inclusive of running of electrical wires)

Funeral Photo Setup

  • 1 enlarged photo plus 6 passport sized ones
  • Wooden photo frame to house the enlarged photo (size: 10 inches by 12 inches)
  • 1 floral wreath to line the photo frame (size: 11 inches by 13 inches)

Other Essentials

  • 4 fresh funeral flowers bouquets for use at the alter area
  • 1 air con coach to bring relatives and guest to Crematorium and back
  • 1 register book for funeral donations recording purposes
  • Gift pack for (Towel and Coin) Guest and Relatives

Package Price

  • $5,388 for a 3 day funeral which an additional $250 for each extra day

Important Note

  • Food and drinks are not included and will be charged on an “amount consumed” basis
  • Ceremonial items such as joss sticks, candles, white t-shirts and pants etc are sold on a consignment basis and billed separately
  • Price quoted are for funerals held at HDB Void decks. Funerals held in homes or funeral parlour will require a customised quote with the price different due mainly to the differing tentage setup cost
  • A more elaborate setup can be arranged but at a higher cost