Our Funeral Packages

All of our funeral packages consist of:

  • Embalming Service
  • Photo Wreath
  • Photo Enlargement (x1)
  • Bus (x1)
  • Table Arrangement
  • On-the-day Funeral Service
  • Apricot Package: $XXXX

    apricot-funeral casket

    Bougainvillea Package: $1XXX

    bougainvillea-funeral casket

    Carnation Package: $XXXX

    daisy-funeral casket

    Daisy Package: $XXXX

    daisy-funeral package-E80

    Edelwise Package: $XXXX

    edelwise-package casket

    Geranium Package: $XXXX

    geranium-package casket

    Frangipani Package: $XXXX

    frangipani-package casket

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