Wreaths & Funeral Flowers

Condolence wreaths and funeral flowers symbolise the eternity of life and is a part of funeral traditions. There are many styles, colours and designs to choose from. Traditionally, the flowers for a memorial service are often white, but there’s no requirement to stick with white. You can use the memorial service florals to honour your loved one in a unique and creative way. Go bold and colourful, or choose a particular flower or colour as part of an overall theme. Most like to keep it simple with splashes of muted colors.  Popular types of funeral wreaths and flowers include lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums and roses.

White Lilies are commonly used in funeral services in Singapore. They are popular white means pureness of the soul. They are also an appropriate expression of sympathy.

Carnations symbolise remembrance and admiration, both of which are very meaningful for use as funeral wreaths.

Chrysanthemums are popular as well, but more commonly offered in Europe and other Asian countries.

Roses are also good choices for funeral wreaths. They offer an expression of one’s love as well as grief. The white rose, which symbolises purity and reverence is often used as are yellow roses to symbolise the strong bond of friendship with the deceased.

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