Taoist Funeral Service

Taoist funerals focus more on living a simple life filled with inner peace than life after death. It is believed that when a person passed on, rituals should be done to allow the spirits to guard the body. Taoist funeral rituals are performed to also gain merits for the deceased and to pacify angry spirits so they do not hinder the deceased soul’s journey to the netherworld.During the funeral service, Taoist priests communicate routinely with the spirits of the dead through chanting, followed by the lighting of fire encircling 9 pieces of tiles, each piece representing each of the 9 layers of hell. These tiles are then smashed by the most senior priest to release souls trapped in hell. The Taoist priest usually seats himself on a lotus-shaped chair, next to the photo of the deceased and will be chanting fervently to seek the forgiveness of sins of the deceased and other departed souls.

A Taoist funeral service typically includes Taoist priest chanting, Taoist backdrop and decoration at the casket area (Kwan Peng), lanterns with lantern bearers on funeral day and offerings like paper house, gold mountain etc, for burning. We will supply usual items like casket, tables and chairs and floral arrangements.

As Chinese funeral services and traditions vary significantly between various dialect groups, a Taoist Funeral can also be very different in terms of requirements and elaborateness. With our 20 years of experience helping Taoist families with their funeral solution needs, we will be able to customise a package suitable for the needs of most Taoist families.


Our Taoist Funeral Packages start from $4888

The standard package includes the following items:

  • Embalming Service
  • Casket
  • Photo Wreath
  • Photo Enlargement (x1)
  • Bus (x1)
  • On-the-day Funeral Service

These are also available as an option:

  • Chairs and Table Arrangement
  • On-site projector for playing back memorable videos
projector-option-funeral service

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