Soka Funeral Services

Soka funeral services are often simple, modern and serene as compared to other forms of Buddhist funerals. The Soka religion is a Japanese Buddhist religion and the funeral ceremony resembles a simplified Japanese Buddhist funeral, without the elaborate rituals and customs.

To Soka Gakkai members, the main purpose of the funeral ceremony is to help:

  • The deceased member attain enlightenment;
  • Offer support and condolences to the bereaved family; and
  • Share in their grief and loss

A Soka Gakkai leader conducts the funeral service by leading the recitations of the Sutra and chanting of the Daimoku. Soka members believe that a heartfelt and pure chanting of the Sutra and Daimoku by family and fellow Soka members will bring more benefits to the deceased than a formalized and elaborate funeral ceremony presided over by a Buddhist priest.

While the Singapore Soka Association will be able to provide advice on funeral matters, having an experienced Funeral Services Director who will hand-hold the bereaved family through the process will definitely be helpful.