Christian Funeral Package & Services

A Christian funeral service is performed in accordance with the traditions and customs of the Christian faith. The format and order of the service may vary, depending on denomination.

The funeral ceremony is usually held a week after death and lasts about an hour, but there are some that last for days depending on personal beliefs and customs of the deceased and family members.

Holy Spirit Bereavement believe in our role to plan and execute the funeral to the best of our capabilities. Each and every funeral is personalised and catered to differently to meet the unique needs of every family.
Detailed funeral arrangements and plans can also be made in consultation with your pastor and Church. This can help you to include special requests such as specific hymns or prayers to be said, reading of specific bible verses and a eulogy spoken in remembered of the dearly departed one. Most churches take into consideration the wishes of the family and the deceased to make the funeral more personal and meaningful for the family.

Because Christians share the hope and faith that by God’s grace, salvation is promised to all who love and believe in Jesus Christ and the deceased is in a better place, Christian funerals are usually one of comfort, hope and joy.

Christian Funeral Commonalities Across Denominations

  • Open casket viewing during the wake for family, friends and relatives to pay their last respect.
  • Night service conducted by the church where there would be praise and worship
  • Final day service conducted by the church at the wake venue and then at the crematorium/burial ground
  • Final tribute paid by family, friends and relatives by laying flowers on the casket

Our Christian Funeral Packages Start From $3950

The standard package includes the following:

  • Embalming Service
  • Casket
  • Photo Wreath
  • Photo Enlargement (x1)
  • Bus (x1)
  • On-the-day Funeral Service

These are also available as an option:

  • Chairs and Table Arrangement
  • On-site projector for playing back memorable videos
  • Bagpipers for a dignified send-off for your loved one

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