Roman Catholic Funeral Service

To a Catholic, having a proper funeral held in accordance to Canon Law is very important. While the Church have support groups to guide the bereaved family through this process, having an experienced Funeral Services Director to help ensure the funeral goes smoothly as planned is always helpful.

A Roman Catholic funeral service seeks to offer the Mass for the benefit of the soul of the deceased and to offer condolence and comfort to the deceased’s family and urge the family to pray, along with the Church, for the departed soul.

Overview of the Catholic Funeral Rites

catholic-funeral-serviceThe Catholic Funeral Service generally consists of 3 main parts, namely:

  • Vigil

The Vigil service is usually held during the wake and especially on the last evening of the wake. It is a time for family, relatives and friends to come together, reminisce special times and pray for the departed soul. Eulogies are often shared during this time.

  • Funeral Liturgy

The Funeral Liturgy is often celebrated during the Funeral Mass (Requiem Mass) and is the central and most important service for the deceased. The Funeral Liturgy serves to:

  • Give thanks and praise to God whose only son Jesus Christ conquered death and for His promise of eternal life;
  • Commit the deceased soul to God’s tender-loving mercy and care; and
  • Let those who remain gain solace and strength from proclaiming the passion, death, resurrection and second coming of Christ.
  • Rite of Committal

The Rite of Committal takes place at the burial ground or crematorium where the body is laid to rest, with the hope of resurrection when Jesus Christ comes again. This is always presided by a priest or deacon. Family and friends will also gather to offer their prayers to the deceased for the last time. This final farewell gives meaningful closure to the Catholic Funeral.

Our Catholic Funeral Packages Start From $3950

The standard package includes the following:

  • Embalming Service
  • Casket
  • Photo Wreath
  • Photo Enlargement (x1)
  • Bus (x1)
  • On-the-day Funeral Service

These are also available as an option:

  • Chairs and Table Arrangement
  • On-site projector for playing back memorable videos
  • Bagpipers for a dignified send-off for your loved one

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